Letters from family

Letter from mom


As a mom, the only thing you want in life as you age is to see your children happy and healthy. If I had only one wish, thats what it would be. I have tried my best for 15 years to give Macey the best quality of life possible. I have researched every article, gone to every hospital, tried every medicine possible to try and fix Macey. It has all come down to this very defining moment. I have know since Macey was young, that eventually new organs would be our only option. I always thought that if I could get her to age 8, if I could get her to age 12, than everything would work itself out. Here were are 15 years later and all I can think of is that I got her here, now I want keep her! The reality is that she is Gods child and ultimately it is his decision when she leaves this earth. I know I did my best to keep her going but it really wasnt me, it was never in my hands. I am trying very hard to turn this over to God because deep down I know that God is going to use Macey in ways that I may never understand. I have to believe that his plan for her is good, even if its not the same as mine. In the meantime, I am still going to be praying for a miracle, and for complete healing. Also, I want to thank everyone who is participating in Maceys journey. I hope that her life will inspire, encourage and bless you in some way. Thank you for reading and being a part of our lives. Sincerely, Mickey Brietenback (Macey’s mom)

Letter from Dad


My name is Tim Brietenback. I am Macey’s father. I am writing this letter to give you some insight into our lives. From the time Macey was born we realized something was drastically wrong. Her bladder and intestines did not work. While she was in the NICU, the doctors said she would be lucky if she lived a week. From the very beginning my wife became not a first time mother but instead became a nurse, doctor, pharmacist and problem solver because this condition had rarly been seen. There was no cure. I could not rap my head around it because for the longest time I was the problem solver of the family. I am a father and that is what fathers do, they fix things. Unfortunately this was one thing I could not fix. Over the last 15 years I have watched my daughter endure more in her lifetime than anyone could ever imagine. She has been hospitalized too many times to remember. The surgeries are too numeous to count. The pain she endures on a daily basis in incomprehensible. Things have deteriorated in her life to the point where we do not try to have good weeks or days anymore, we try to have good hours or minutes. It is so hard to watch, but somehow she always has a smile on her face. She continues to fight. She has such a will to live and to enjoy life. Several months ago she started the quest to become Miss Teen USA. She said she wanted to be an encouragemnet to other teens with disabilities. Even though every day is a struggle, Macey is looking so forward to the pagent. It is my hope that we could get as many people as possible to share and support her in making this dream come true.

From Macey